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Dream Goggles┬áis a versatile pillow you can use just about anywhere. We stop short from calling it a “travel pillow” because it’s much more than something you can use anywhere, anytime. The idea stems feeds directly into our mission to produce something our customers will love but also support the very talented team we have put together in our North Texas factory.

Our Product

Comfortable in Any Position

Wrap it around your head, your arm, or lean against it.

Super Soft, Plush Material

We scoured our suppliers for the softest, yet durable material you'll ever want to lay your head on!

Years in the Making

We have spent several years design, constructing, re-designing and finally settling on a product that is thoroughly tested and ready for the world!

Made in the USA

Manufactured in north Texas, sewn by a group of very talented seamsters who immigrated or were refugees from Mexico, Iraq, Syria, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Acts Like a Super Pillow

If you just want to rest your head on it like a regular pillow, it can be used in that way as well!

Ships by March

If our Indiegogo is successful, every supporter will received their next pillow by the end of March 2018

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